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Shifting from unsure of your purpose and impact to crystal clear 

Within you lies activations of multiple gifts and lived experiences you will grow through, all laid out in a map which is your Cosmic Human Design. I guide you to authentically activate your gifts whilst being compassionate with your limitations. The goal is to empower you to intuitively leverage your life and opportunities to be of the greatest service to the people and planet you seek to impact. 


Impact + Success Immersion (6 weeks)

One of my favorite ways to work one on one, we go deep fast to reveal how you are designed to thrive and have your biggest impact. You will receive an aligned strategy and road-map to keep forever guiding you to your greatest success, without burnout. Perfect for the woman who knows she is here to facilitate positive change to many people and craves an easier way to get there.  

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Cosmic Human Design Activations

Cosmic HD Activations in Personalised Reports

Exactly what I sought when I was seeking to find myself and my purpose. In the first week you receive activations detailed 30+ page insight into how you are uniquely wired to receive opportunities you will love, how you can be seen by those you value (clients and relationships), what throws you off track (and how to avoid it). The following week you receive detailed insights into your gifts, lived experience wisdom and how to navigate your innate inner critic. AU$97

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Cosmic Human Design Deep Dive

When you are ready to reclaim your innate gifts and leverage these as part of your purpose this is the perfect session. Ideal for someone with a level of self-awareness and ready to expand your impact. 90-Minute Zoom Session where we explore aspects of your life including hidden gifts (and how to use them), style of communication, how to manifest successfully using your Human Design and how to expand your state of ease and flow. Limited availability. AU$197.

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Cosmic HD Session + Personalised Reports

Personalised Human Design Energetic Blueprint using Cosmic Human Design (True Sidereal Astrology)

Detailed personalised report with insights into the mechanics of your energy and guidance how to activate your gifts and celebrate your wisdom. Private Mentoring Session via Zoom with Barbara (90 mins). BONUS: Immediate access to a self-paced short course with key aspects of your energy type ( approx 90 mins). AU$280 

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Intuitive Mentor

Infusing passion, intuition and hope

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